Awadhesh Misra
Master of Fine Arts - BHU
Ph.D - Rohilkhand University

Awadhesh Misra is a well known Banaras trained and Lucknow based painter. He was born in 1970 in a small village called Mathgovind [Bhoya], District- Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. He obtained Doctoral Degree from Rohilkhand University [Bareilly, U.P.], Bachelor & Masters both degrees in Fine Arts from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He received Art Masters Training also from Lucknow University in order to teach Fine Arts from the grass root level. Awadhesh Misra has received All India Award from State Lalit Kala Akademi, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow and SLKS Samastipur, Bihar; State Level Award from State LKA Uttar Pradesh, Gold Medal and Merit Award- BHU and Merit Award from Lucknow University. Culture Department, Govt of India has given Junior Fellowship, BHU Varanasi – Endowment Scholarship and UP Govt – Chhatra Kalyan Nidhi Scholarship for his excellence in his chosen field and he was Visiting Fellow of Kumaun University, Almora also. Awadhesh held solo shows at Raj Sadan, Ayodhya; Lalit Kala Akademi Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow; Kala Sarathi and Bhartiyam Art Gallery, Lucknow; Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal; Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur ,Hasta Gallery, Hyderabad and ICCR New Delhi.
Awadhesh Misra participated in many group shows in various major cities of India like Ahemadabad, Amritsar, Baroda, Banglore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, N Delhi, Nagpur, Patna, Patiala, Samastipur, Udaipur, Varanasi etc. It goes to his credit that he was invited to present his shows in the cities of foreign lands as London, Birmingham, Dubai, Muscat etc. He has attended several national level artist camps organized by LKA N.Delhi at Guahati, by NZCC Chandigarh at Rishikesh, by SLKA UP at Dhanolti and Almora and by RLKK Lucknow etc. Recently he attended “National Art Week of New Media” at Chandigarh organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi and Lalit Kala Akademi, Chandigarh.
At present he is engaged in his profession in Lucknow as a freelancer and has earned name and fame in India and abroad.

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Colours of Celebration
Awadhesh Misra, 2007

Beneath layers and layers of age old seriousness, there always present, is a jumping jack boy overshadowed and pressed but reflecting innocent joy and bliss. For my sensibility and reflection I attach myself with that naughty mischievous boy in me.

That childhood memory of rains, cloud filled sky-some time beating a fast rhythm torrentially on roof tops, gleam of rainbow, lusty peacock dance and paper boat floating tune me again and again and reflect on canvas. Water logged village of mine ‘Mathgovind’ [ District- Faizabad] looked like an island those days.

The childhood memory of misty winter nights was nastily biting specially while watering the wheat crop in village, marriage and other festivities and their detailed sacramental preparations create a tingling tone in my colours. The childhood plays of Sher Dandiya, Aais-Pais [chhupa-chhupi], kite flying, paper Firkee [Paper wheel], paper plane swirling and mischief of fruits stealing in other’s garden, this all create redemption of the boy in me and village life spent back. It gives me immense inspiration and colour dictum which I expand and express through my strokes, lines and soft tonal gradations. That hope, joy, celebration and bright coloured emotions relate me to my village.

The creative process is an impulsive act and this impulse is interwoven with multy threaded realization received through positive experiencing. Presently geometrical forms find a main blush in my creations.     

In the grand mother’s tales the sun and moon always were the characters, they come in many diverse shapes in my creations. That orange colours spread on the horizon of sunrise and sets, dim dark flash of clouds, rainbow, potentially hope filled paper boats, joy stitched paper wheels are vibrant in my brush strokes. Ya! reliving is done to me through my son Amal. His playing with alphabet blocks. Planes and toys create retrospection. Merrily my mind muse. Often the mystery of life its interwoven threads create a puzzling sensation and often create the very length of life that is full of sweet and sour. The upward-downward triangles point to that which is ultimate, unrelated yet related and the soul of souls. Lush and oozing patches of bushes were the abode of my childhood, so blue and green are my lead colours.

The experimental self in an artist is iconoclast that breaks the barriers such as forms surpass their identifying limits and create the abstraction. This abstraction is substantial and moved by the urge of lucid expression- the expression of experienced. During my study of Art (BFA & MFA) at Banaras I came intimately close to the great musicians and artists where couplets and songs of Kabira, the Tantrik and devotional fragrance of many-many hermits (Sadhkas) were blessed in the air. This reflects itself in my colour scheme of browns, yellows and reds.

The positivism is akin to negativism as love is akin to hate. So I have painted some of my canvases half in black and half in colourful renderings.

The coarseness of natural forms enacts itself as texture in my works. They are not refined and finished so they portray life. The bold brush strokes that can be seen separately bear a special trait often these look like texture. Tonal gradation creates a poetic effect and among many straight lines a curved dancing line creates music.

I prefer joyfully to paint the bliss, celebration, hope, vigour and festivity of life thats why I use bright colours. I paint irrepressible motion that never stops (turns) back because time never turns. I want to paint life, vitality and fullness (material and spiritual) I don’t think art as a medium to express disorderly depression.

I am fully in communion with the great soul J. Krishnamurti as he says -“Art is to put every thing in its right place”. I paint and want to paint that right placing of life – life the eternal.